Virtual Paralegal

The 10-hour Paralegal:

Have tasks that you need done but not sure if you need someone full time or even part time? How about 10 hours a week?

TLD can help. We give you a fully trained resource to work 10 hours a week for your firm. You can split the hours into 2 hours a day or if those Mondays and Fridays are when you need the grind done, we can do 5 hours on those days alone.

How much you ask? As much as that fancy meal for 4. A month! For $500 a month, we can get this going. The resource we provide is an Indian Qualified Attorney. What can we do?

  • E-file
  • Calendar hearings
  •  help you with case intake
  • Case management on your office management software,
  • Send out letters
  • rename and relabel Documents for discovery
  • Find case status
  • Find judgments
  • Find garnishments, liens, or levies
  • Simply sort out those emails.

Is 10 hours a week too much? We can also customize a package for 5 hours a week! Will cost $300 a month.

How do we do it? All online of course and all secure. Using an ISO 27001 certified environment, VPNs, and for non-confidential data, simply by secured email.

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