Personal Injury

We provide customized litigation Support Services for MVA, Slip & fall, Medical Malpractice, Dog Bite, Worker’s Compensation cases. Our range of services for Personal Injury law are wide and essentially encompass the entire “production line” of a Personal Injury law firm. Below is a non-exhaustive Personal Injury Stage-wise list of support services we currently offer:

Intake (Phase 1)

  • Handle intake calls
  • Set up appointments
  • Client Profiles support 
  • Collect information from the intake sheet, open a new case file in Case Management Software, input the relevant data into Case Management Software. 

Treatment (Phase 2)

  • Client Profiles support
  • Generate information request letters
  • Prepare authorization letters
  • Sort out the received records, update Client Profiles accordingly
  • On receiving the records, bookmark the medical records, prepare medical summary, (injuries with ICD codes), Timeline and calculation of Specials: medical expenses, wage loss, etc.

Discovery (Phase 3)

  • Discovery
    • Request/ Respond for Admission 
    • Request/Respond for Interrogatory 
    • Request/Respond for production of documents
    • Prepare Discovery Answer/ Response
  • Summarize documents and information received through Discovery (Medical summary, Deposition summary), and other documents.
  • E-schedule Depositions.

Settlement (Phase 4)

  • Prepare settlement brochure:  draft of settlement demand, assemble settlement documents, 
  • Create exhibits list and exhibits.

Litigation support (Phase 5)

  • Calendaring trial orders, deadlines, statutes of limitation
  • Maintaining lawyer’s appointments
  • Letters of representation
  • Claim adjuster contact
  • Pre-suit negotiations procedures
  •  Draft Summons, Complaint, Answers and Counterclaims.
  • Pre-trial motions and replies to motions such as motion for summary judgment, motion to dismiss, motion to exclude expert testimony, motion for sanctions etc.
  • Draft Motion paper
  • Assemble Exhibits for Motion paper
  • E-File Complaints, Answers and Counterclaims, Motions, Affidavits etc.
  • Prepare settlement paper (court order, affirmation and affidavit)
  • Prepare trial Subpoena