What We Do


We bring together the best of our specialists in the area of law firm management to work alongside you as trusted business advisers.

We structure, streamline and manage your law firm processes and offer you seamless end-to-end service across the life cycle of your day to day practice.

Our aim? To help you navigate today’s complex requirements of legal practice so you can focus on generating more business, spend more time on client relationships and court hearings.

How we do it? It’s simple! We come to your office, work with your staff to understand and identify current practices. We create processes that would streamline and create a production  line for the workflow at your law firm and then create detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each process. We also train your staff on usage of the SOPs.

Collection Law

The Legal Dog has provided support for Debt Collections law firms and Debt Buyers for over 11 years. Lawyers on our management team have combined industry experience of over 50 years.

We have created SOPs that cover every step of the process when initiating a collection lawsuit. From Opening new claims to Default Packages to Reviewing the payment portal. We have created SOPs for processes on most of the leading case management software in the industry.

We have created SOPs and provided support for the hundreds of tasks in the workflow at collections law firms.

Would your firm benefit by having one of these tasks handled by The Legal Dog?

  • Create new files.
  • Data entry of new case information including but not limited to
    •  Collector numbers/Attorney number/paralegal numbers, addresses, prefixes, captions and other info into files.
  • Altering file status, Deleting Status codes, changing collector information, adding creditor information, client information or debtor information.
  • Reviewing current status of file and updating queues and setting tasks to move the case forward.
  • Updating files as to services based on letters received from the server.
  • Ascertaining jurisdiction for each file based on residence of defendant and pecuniary limit of courts.
  • Making changes and correcting mistakes made in files due to software errors, removing unnecessary symbols, adding correct punctuation to debtor names and adding gender, AKA and DBA.
  • Adding Judgment information.


We generate, review and print.

  • Initial Demand Letters.
  • Suit/Legal Work Sheets.
  • Suit package (Complaint, Summons, affidavits and documents).
  • Dismissals.
  • Validation of Debt Letters.
  • Case management conference letters.
  • Witness Requests.


  • Request documents for filing suit.
  • Request affidavits.
  • Import documents received into the system.


  • Validate Judgments.
  • File writs.
  • File garnishments.

Personal Injury

We provide customized litigation Support Services for MVA, Slip & fall, Medical Malpractice, Dog Bite, Worker’s Compensation cases. Our range of services for Personal Injury law are wide and essentially encompass the entire “production line” of a Personal Injury law firm. Below is a non-exhaustive Personal Injury Stage-wise list of support services we currently offer:

Intake (Phase 1)

  • Handle intake calls
  • Set up appointments
  • Client Profiles support 
  • Collect information from the intake sheet, open a new case file in Case Management Software, input the relevant data into Case Management Software. 

Treatment (Phase 2)

  • Client Profiles support
  • Generate information request letters
  • Prepare authorization letters
  • Sort out the received records, update Client Profiles accordingly
  • On receiving the records, bookmark the medical records, prepare medical summary, (injuries with ICD codes), Timeline and calculation of Specials: medical expenses, wage loss, etc.

Discovery (Phase 3)

  • Discovery
    • Request/ Respond for Admission 
    • Request/Respond for Interrogatory 
    • Request/Respond for production of documents
    • Prepare Discovery Answer/ Response
  • Summarize documents and information received through Discovery (Medical summary, Deposition summary), and other documents.
  • E-schedule Depositions.

Settlement (Phase 4)

  • Prepare settlement brochure:  draft of settlement demand, assemble settlement documents, 
  • Create exhibits list and exhibits.

Litigation support (Phase 5)

  • Calendaring trial orders, deadlines, statutes of limitation
  • Maintaining lawyer’s appointments
  • Letters of representation
  • Claim adjuster contact
  • Pre-suit negotiations procedures
  •  Draft Summons, Complaint, Answers and Counterclaims.
  • Pre-trial motions and replies to motions such as motion for summary judgment, motion to dismiss, motion to exclude expert testimony, motion for sanctions etc.
  • Draft Motion paper
  • Assemble Exhibits for Motion paper
  • E-File Complaints, Answers and Counterclaims, Motions, Affidavits etc.
  • Prepare settlement paper (court order, affirmation and affidavit)
  • Prepare trial Subpoena

Virtual Paralegal

The 10-hour Paralegal:

Have tasks that you need done but not sure if you need someone full time or even part time? How about 10 hours a week?

TLD can help. We give you a fully trained resource to work 10 hours a week for your firm. You can split the hours into 2 hours a day or if those Mondays and Fridays are when you need the grind done, we can do 5 hours on those days alone.

How much you ask? As much as that fancy meal for 4. A month! For $500 a month, we can get this going. The resource we provide is an Indian Qualified Attorney. What can we do?

  • E-file
  • Calendar hearings
  •  help you with case intake
  • Case management on your office management software,
  • Send out letters
  • rename and relabel Documents for discovery
  • Find case status
  • Find judgments
  • Find garnishments, liens, or levies
  • Simply sort out those emails.

Is 10 hours a week too much? We can also customize a package for 5 hours a week! Will cost $300 a month.

How do we do it? All online of course and all secure. Using an ISO 27001 certified environment, VPNs, and for non-confidential data, simply by secured email.

Email us now: GetStarted@thelegaldog.com