Collection Law

Managing workflows for optimum results

We have supported debt buyers and debt collection law firms with online legal services for over 11 years. At The Legal Dog, we are experts in this industry, with more than 50 years of collection law experience combined.

We create SOPs that cover every step of a collection lawsuit, from opening new claims to default packages and reviewing the payment portal. We have experience using most of the leading case management software in the industry, creating SOPs and providing outsourced legal services for hundreds of tasks.

The Legal Dog is here to help you with the following tasks:

  • Create new files
  • Data entry of new case information including but not limited to: collector numbers/attorney number/paralegal numbers, addresses, prefixes, captions, and other information
  • Alter file status, delete status codes, change collector information, and add creditor, client, or debtor information
  • Review current file status, update queues, and set tasks to move the case forward
  • Update files based on letters received from the server
  • Ascertain file jurisdiction based on defendant residence and court pecuniary limits
  • Make changes and correct mistakes due to software errors, remove unnecessary symbols, add proper punctuation to debtor names, and add gender, AKA, and DBA
  • Add judgment information

Document generation

We also generate, review, and print the following files:

  • Initial demand letters
  • Suit/legal worksheets
  • Suit package (complaint, summons, affidavits, and documents)
  • Dismissals
  • Validate debt letters
  • Write case management conference letters
  • Request witnesses

Client services

We can also take on the following in relation to clients:

  • • Request documents for filing suit
  • Request affidavits
  • Import documents into the system


Once judgment is passed, we:

  • Validate Judgments.
  • File writs.
  • File garnishments.

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