Virtual Paralegal

The ten-hour paralegal

Support on your terms

Want help with tasks without hiring a full or part-time assistant? Meet the ten-hour Paralegal, your virtual legal assistant.

At The Legal Dog, we deploy trained experts to offer outsourced legal services for ten hours a week. You are free to schedule those ten hours to ensure you have the support you need every day.

This secure online service takes place in an ISO 27001 certified environment. Your data stays safe with VPNs and secure email platforms.

For only $500 a month, you receive remote paralegal support for all of your daily tasks.  A qualified Indian attorney can help you streamline your operations by taking care of the following online legal services.

  • E-file
  • Schedule hearings
  • Help with case intake
  • Case management on your office management software
  • Send letters • Rename and relabel documents for discovery
  • Find case status
  • Find judgments
  • Find garnishments, liens, or levies
  • Email management

Do you need less than ten hours a week? We can customize a virtual legal assistant package for five hours a week at just $300 per month.

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