Personal Injury

Professional support for your cases

Count on us for custom litigation and online legal services for motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, dog bite, and worker’s compensation cases.

We support personal injury law firms in each step of your operations. Below is a non-exhaustive list of our outsourced legal services for personal injury cases.

Phase one: Intake

  • Handle intake calls
  • Set up appointments
  • Client profile support
  • Collect information from intake sheets, open new case files and input relevant data into case management software

Phase two: Treatment

  • Client profile support
  • Generate information request letters
  • Prepare authorization letters
  • Sort out the received records and update client profiles accordingly
  • Bookmark medical records, prepare medical summary (injuries with ICD codes), and timeline and calculate specifics such as medical expenses and wage loss

Phase three: Discovery

  • Discovery
  • Request/respond for admission
  • Request/respond for interrogatory
  • Request/respond for document production
  • Prepare discovery answer/response
  • Summarize documents and information received through discovery, such as medical summaries, deposition summaries, and other documents
  • E-schedule depositions

Phase four: Settlement

  • Prepare settlement brochure: draft settlement demand and assemble settlement documents
  • Create exhibits list and exhibits

Phase five: Litigation support

  • Schedule trial orders, deadlines, and statutes of limitation
  • Maintain lawyer’s appointments
  • Write letters of representation
  • Claim adjuster contact
  • Pre-suit negotiations procedures
  • Draft summons, complaint, answers, and counterclaims
  • Pre-trial motions and replies, including motion for summary judgment, motion to dismiss, motion to exclude expert testimony, and motion for sanctions
  • Draft motion paper
  • Assemble exhibits for motion paper
  • E-File complaints, answers, counterclaims, motions, and affidavits
  • Prepare settlement papers (court orders, affirmations, and affidavits)
  • Prepare trial subpoena

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