Re-emergence of E-filing during Covid -19 Pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic, that has claimed thousands of lives in US, has impacted the Legal Industry in 2020 like never before. Since March 9, 2020, the pandemic and the lockdown that ensued as a result has greatly impaired the functioning of courts and law firms alike.

To keep the courts moving efficiently and make the justice system accessible, Courts Bar Associations and Law Firms across US have embraced technology alike never before. COVID-19 has motivated courts to expand their use of E-service, E-Filing and online dispute resolution, among other tools.

Many Court across several jurisdictions that had not adopted E-Filing earlier have moved swiftly to make online platforms for E-Filing available in their jurisdiction to help attorneys move forward. As a result, E-Filing is now made mandatory by many courts for civil, criminal, commercial and small claims cases.

Cases have piled up extensively during the lockdown when non-essential filings were put on hold. The Pandemic and resultant economic upheaval, will lead to a high volume of new cases in all the areas of law.

Although Courts are reopening, judges and court staff are returning in few States, there are several counties that are yet to reopen. E-Filing has come as a big relief for Attorneys waiting for return of in person activities such as depositions and Jury Trials.

Attorneys practicing in any area of law, are grappling with the initial economic impact of the coronavirus. This could actually provide law firms looking for cutting prices a motivation to have more employees work remotely so they can minimize their physical footprint. One such area is E-Filing.

In several courts, E- filing is compulsory where they do not admit in-person or physical filing. As E-Filing is accepted to be the preferred mode of filing by many courts, it is essential to seek help of E-Filing Support Service Providers like The Legal Dog to manage your E- Filing needs so you can focus on your core responsibilities of managing clients and cases.

While the task of E-filing is relatively easy and quick, it is a mundane and repetitive task that does require attention to detail. Most paralegals find little to no challenge in doing this task and will stop being motivated quickly. 

E-filing support providers can help you E-File summons, complaints, motions and relevant affidavits with the court having jurisdiction and the case management system will be updated with information and copy of the complaint.

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